Friday, March 16, 2012

Verbal Prepositions and Argument Structure: path, place and possession in Norwegian (Linguistik Aktuell / Linguistics Today)

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This particular guide investigates various kinds of verb-PP combos and also exams the kinds of connotations that occur once the point composition from the PP combines with all the mental point composition. Directing mostly upon information through Norwegian, the particular guide investigates 3 various scientific domain names associated with PP-VP combos and also ends how the coming understanding derive from a mixture of the particular fine-grained composition from the PP, the particular composition from the action-word time period, and also the various settings associated with mixture. The particular guide garden sheds brand-new lighting to the syntax-semantics interaction whilst incorporating brand-new understanding in regards to the qualities from the class G within Norwegian. The particular guide additionally plays a part in the particular argument in between Lexicalism and also Constructionism, and it also ends that the reasonable Constructionist design using a fine-grained syntactic composition identifying model is most beneficial supplied to take care of the large overall flexibility associated with verb-prepositional time period combos from the kinds researched.

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